Thrust Areas for Research

Each department has identified its thrust areas for research that are pursued over years, through projects. The research projects sanctioned and the publications are indicative of expertise developed by researchers in the following areas:

Physical Sciences: Material Science, Nanotechnology, Lasers, Computational Nuclear Physics, Fiber optic sensors, Smart space design, Wireless sensor networks, Image processing, Synthetic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Catalysis, Nanomaterials, Environmental remediation.

Mathematics, Statistics: Graph Theory, Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Queuing system and Control charts, Optimization of supply chain network using Genetic algorithm

Biological Sciences

Enzymology,Nanobiotechnology, Bioprospecting, Biodiversity assessment, Environmental Microbiology, Immunology, Ethnopharmacology, Probiotics, Nutraceuticals, Toxicology

Social Sciences: Public Finance, Agriculture Economics, Cooperation, Industrial Economics, International Trade, Political Thoughts,Social History of Modern Maharashtra, Human Development,Environmental Geography, Gender

Humanities: Tulanatmak Anusandhan, Anuvadparak Anusandhan, Dalit Literature, Women’s Literature.