"Small minds discuss persons, Average minds discuss events, Great minds discuss ideas. Really great minds discuss mathematics."

"Maths : King of Arts, Queen of Science"

The department of mathematics was established in 1945. During the years 1945 – 2005 the strong personalities namely Prof. M. N. Bhat, Prof. V. S. Athavale, Prof. M. G. Garud, Prof. G. R. Mangsuli, Prof. V. D. Shetty, Prof. Mrs. S. S. Agashe, Prof. Mrs. Sushma Kulkarni contributed a lot to the department.

Presently Mr. Anil Khairnar is working as the head of the department. Mr. Anil Khairnar awarded "Gold medal" in M.Sc. and "Young Scientist award of the year 2012" from the University of Pune.

The faculties are highly qualified and are dedicated to their subjects giving friendly environment for the students. The department always aims to develop skills, ideas and overall progress of the students. Many of our students participate and get awards in various activities like MTTS program, Madhava Mathematics competitions and other competitive exams. The environment of the department is very friendly which is useful for the students coming from other colleges also.

Courses Offered

B.Sc. (Mathematics)