Date of Establishment: 1977

Geography subject has been teaching at special level at senior college Arts stream & junior college level to Arts & Science stream. Department of Geography has two staff members namely Prof. R. S. Suryawanshi, Head Dept. of Geography, & Mr. A.N Shelar in the senior college & three staff members Mrs. Tribhuvan, Mrs. Bangale & P. N. Jawale are working in the junior college. Mr. S.Y.Pawar is working as Lab attendant in our department.

Past students of this department are holding different position in different fields. Some of them are working as lecturers & teachers in senior, junior colleges & in schools also. Some of our students are working in the field of remote sensing & Geographical Information System.

Department of Geography has Association with "Bhoogol Mandal", which is actively engaged in various activities with the help of student representatives in the following programmes,

  • Paper cuttings & articles on recent environment & geography related issues are put on display board, students read them & discuss amongst them.
  • Slide shows, Film shows & PowerPoint presentations are arranged for the students, which help them in knowing different landforms & agricultural patterns.
  • The department arranges socio-economic & geographical surveys of the villages. Staff members explain the methodology. The intention of this type of fieldwork is to develop research ability in the students.
  • We arrange the Visits to various institutions like Observatory, Central Water Power Research Station (C.W.P.R.S.), Ralegan Siddi (Ideal Village), Agricultural Exhibition (Kisan) etc. These visits are very useful to students.
  • Department of Geography also arranges lectures of eminent personalities on different subjects related to geography.

  • Department arranges short & long tours for students, so as to expose them to natural environment. Students visit different places of geographical importance. In the field visit, different landforms are shown to them. While traveling, they are supposed to note down the various changes in the climate, relief, soil type, rock, natural vegetation, cropping patterns & identification of Physical features with the help of Toposheets, Aerial Photographs, Satellite images & GPS instrument. Students also visit different urban centers & study the urban patterns of development & their problems.

  • Department of Geography has General and Special subjects at undergraduate level. The following major subject is being taught as per class.


    G – 1 Gg – 110 Physical Geography


    G – 2 Gg – 210 Geography of Human Resources

    S – 1 Gg – 220 India - A Geographical Analysis

    S - 2 Gg - 201 Fundamentals of Geographical Analysis


    G – 3 Gg – 310 Resources and Environment

    S – 3 Gg – 320 Fundamental of Geographical Information System (GIS)

    S – 4 Gg – 301 Map Reading and Statistical Methods

    Student Capacity

    The total student strength of the Department of Geography is given below.

    S.Y.B.A – Special Subject – Total 3 batches (Per batches 12 students)

    T.Y.B.A – Special Subject – Total 3 batches (Per batches 12 students