The Department of Psychology has established in 1966. The department has two wings, one is of undergraduate level and the other is of postgraduate level. Its post graduated section started in the year 2009-10. Every year there are more than 100 students take up Psychology as their major subject at undergraduate and post graduate level. The department is associated with many organizations outside also. Every year we extend our helping hand to apply knowledge of psychology wherever it is required. We supply manpower for psychological testing. Apart from curricular activities, department conducts a Certificate Course in counseling for aspiring counselors. Department also runs a counseling centre “Jeevan Margadarshan Kendra” as its extension activity. The continuous efforts aim at enhancing human potential with broader social perspective.

Courses offered

  1. 1. B.A Psychology
  2. A course is of three years. General psychology, Social, Positive, Abnormal, Experimental, Applied and psychological tests & experiments are the papers taught to the course.

  3. 2. MA Counseling Psychology
  4. A course is of two years in Semester Credit - point in four semesters.

    Paper/Group Semester - I Semester - II
    Core Paper EP 101 Cognitive Processes
    EP 102 Psychological Testing: Theory
    EP 103 Statistical Methods
    EP 104 Psychology Practical: Tests
    EP 201 Learning and Memory
    EP 202 Psychological Testing: Applications
    EP 203 Research Methodology
    EP 204 Psychology Practical: Experiments
    Paper/Group Semester - III Semester - IV
    Core Paper EP 301: Personality EP 401: Motivation and Emotion
    Clinical Psychology (Group A) EP 310: Psychopathology-I
    EP 311: Psycho-diagnostics and Community Mental Health
    EP 312: Project
    EP 410: Psychopathology-II
    EP 411: Psychotherapies
    EP 412: Practicum
    Counselling Psychology (Group C) EP 330: Counseling Process
    EP 331: Counseling Skills and Approaches
    EP 332: Project
    EP 430: Guidance and Career
    EP 431: Areas of Counseling
    EP 432: Practicum
  5. 3. Certificate course are run for three months, only on Saturday & Sundays with stipulated time.